Research, development and production equipment:


Engineering and Geodesy


Topographical and photogrammetric work


Research and development in the field of natural sciences


Laser scanning


System integration


Intellectual property



Engineering Infrastructure

• Structured cabling systems (SCS)
• Intelligent control system SCS
• Power supply of ventilation systems and air conditioning, emergency and working lights, household consumers
• Uninterrupted and guaranteed power supply systems
• DC power systems
• Systems of lightning protection and grounding
• Systems for automation and control of buildings and premises
• Data processing centers (DPC) and server
• Passive network equipment

Communication, network and telecommunication systems

• Networks and communications of any complexity (LAN, WAN, WLAN)
• Network and information safety
• Network monitoring and control systems
• Insonation systems, audio, video, information and reference system (Public Address, IPTV, Digital Signage, satellite TV)
• Phone communication system (PABX), intercom, fleet, dispatching and conference communication (audio and video)
• Contact center arrangement

Security systems

• Integrated security systems
• Intelligent video surveillance systems
• Access monitoring and control systems
• Security alarm systems
• Perimeter security systems
• Fire safety systems
• Alerting system
• Engineering and integrated information protection systems (technical protection of data, cryptographic protection of data)
• Systems of remote monitoring, positioning and control for mobile and fixed objects (GPS-monitoring)
• Situational centers and monitoring centers

Storage and processing of data systems (SPDS)

• Auditing of production systems
• Development of SPDS optimal architecture and servers
• Adoption “from scratch” and modernization work at working objects
• Protection and system fault tolerance provision.

Business - consulting

• Comprehensive automation of enterprise management (ERP)
• Human Resource Management (HRM)
• Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM, Contact Center)

Software and other services

• Software Development
• Technical support and maintenance

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